Upcoming Events! There are many!

Unfortunately, our live events calendar feed is having a toothache and pretends that we won’t be doing anything in the near future; however, i am happy to let you know that is not true!

Calendar of upcoming dates:

November 6 2PM – Maison de la Culture Villeray [with special guests Briga and Didem Basar]
November 8, 8PM – Maison de la Culture Cote des Neiges [with special guests Briga and Didem Basar]
February 5, 11AM – Le Centre Culturel Peter B. Yeomans (1401, chemin du Bord-du-lac)
February 23, 8pm – Maison de la Culture Rosemont, Studio 1 – 6707 de Lorimier
February 26, 3pm – Maison de la Culture du Plateau Mont-Royal
April 23, 11am – Arrondissement de l’Ile Bizard
April 30, 3pm – Chappelle Historique du Bon-Pasteur
May 7, 11:30am – Irving L. Adessky Community Centre, 30 Lyncroft Road

December 14, 8PM – Location TBA – Tango project post recording show

Hope to see you there!


Two new beautiful videos!

Hi friends, at long last we have some very nice video, the first is a beautiful promotional clip put together by Huei Lin / Bureau 121b from our residency earlier this spring, and the next is a crazily wonderful animation by Chris Henschel of our “Baal Shem Tov’s Niggun” from the album Song of the Grasses, with imagery based on the fantastic tale by R’ Nachman, “The Lost Princess.”

I hope you enjoy!

After a busy summer, we are now slogging through paperwork and getting ready for an excellent tour of Montreal, playing in 8 different boroughs in the fall and spring. Stay tuned for news about upcoming shows and some recording soon!

– Yoni

Tichleh shana, tachel shana (goodbye 2015, hello 2016!)

Dear friends,

Hoping you are all well and staying warm, and having nice times with friends and family!  It’s that time of year again, to look over the year that was and some of the exciting stuff that’s coming up for the next year.


Photo by Kiran Ambwani – 2015

2015 was a very behind the scenes year for Siach Hasadeh, only a handful of relaxed performances and mostly working on new things.  We have nearly enough new material now to record a 3rd album (!) which should start getting into the works in the next few months and hopefully ready to release towards the beginning of 2017.

In the mean time, we are really excited to announce that we’ve been given a residency at the very wonderful Maison de la Culture Ahuntsic-Cartierville, by our dear friend and the invaluable maman to the entire world music scene in Montreal, Liette Gauthier (who, along with her small team, have done more to foster creativity and musiphotoc than you can imagine, tell your MPs, MLAs and Mayors!).   Leading up to our residence in March, we will be developing a 50 minute program which will make the music more accessible to wider audiences and hopefully be engaging and interesting.  And then… starting in the fall we will be taking part in the CAM en Tournée program of the Conseil des Arts de Montreal, which means we will be able to perform the new program in many wonderful venues around Quebec which are free to the public, and which always have wonderful audiences and technical teams.

We also have a very neat video in the works by the amazing Chris Henschel, we haven’t seen it yet but boy are we excited to share it with you all when it’s ready!

Tango Yona-201-bronze beauty

Photo by Kiran Ambwani

Besides all of that, we have worked on a side project of Yiddish tango songs with singer Jane Enkin from Winnipeg, and Brigitte Dajczer, which has been really enriching and hopefully will take off in the coming year with recording?  Performance?  Drop us a line to book the project!

So stay tuned in the new year for all of that and more exciting things to come, thanks to you all for your support and enthusiasm, and looking forward to seeing many of you and sharing music and good time together!

All the best from Yoni, and Siach Hasadeh!


Musical morality in a global culture (repost from Annika/Diatonic Hydrogen)

As artists working with musical tools that were born in the wombs of various cultures, and as creative musicians in general, we often mull over what exactly we are doing, what is moral, what is honest, what are our obligations as artists and what we have to contribute of ourselves. This wonderful blog post by our friend Annika addresses some of those questions, raises some more questions, and proposes some very interesting thoughts, so we thought we’d share it with you!

Diatonic Hydrogen

We all come to music with a unique mindset, feet planted firmly (or loosely) in various traditions, tastes ranging from Beyoncé to Québecois field recordings, and ears that are sensitive to radically different elements of the music we are making. However, with this uniqueness, with the melding of influences—across ensembles and within musicians themselves—comes a duty to respect the traditions and the people who have guided us to this moment. For example, who am I, a Scottish-born atheist, to perform a song about the loss of the Muslim faith while punctuating it with Yiddish vocal ornamentation? What entitles me to usurp these sacred musics and declare their cohabitation? What right do I have to appropriate these traditions and texts to which I have no blood claim?

This last question is a question that, over the last few decades, has risen to the forefront of the fields of composition and ethnomusicology. It’s…

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2014 wrap up and looking forward to 2015!

Dear friends, a very happy new year from Siach Hasadeh!

From warm and cozy inside, in Montreal which is completely covered with a sort of beautiful, if terrifying, inch thick layer of ice, it’s a good time to reflect on the very productive year that was for Siach Hasadeh and to look forward to the next challenges and creation.

2014 began for us with an incredible mini-tour in the United States, with generous support from the Conseil des Arts du Québec.  After all the visa excitement was over (“You’re going on tour?   Where’s all your gear?”)  we had great performances in Middleton, CT, Brooklyn, Harlem, West Side Manhattan, Princeton and Burlington, shared some bills with great musicians that we admire, Breslov Bar Band, Pete Rushefsky and Keryn Kleiman, Ichka, and Ihtimanska, met and played for many new friends, and more than anything, got a chance to get to spend some intense time together on and off stage, getting to know each other personally and musically.  Not to mention learning to admire Joel’s driving and navigation skills.  By the end of the tour we were playing together on a whole different level and were ready to explore new vistas together.

We got plenty of loving for our last album, Song of the Grasses (2013) with wonderful reviews in le Devoir, The Jewish Daily Forward, Klezmershack, the New York Music Daily and Wholenote Magazine (check them out here!).

The summer brought us to Toronto, for the fabulous Ashkenaz Festival, which I had dreamed about going to for years but never managed.  Packed into the Toronto Harbour with some kind of comics festival and a Bluejays game, were so many of our friends and heroes!  And we played a great set to a really nice and appreciative crowd.

Besides that, a little foray for members of the band into the world of Yiddish Tango, with singer Jane Enkin and violinist Brigitte Dajczer, with a demo recording currently in mixing, and hopefully some interesting things to come!

During the fall we worked intensively on developing our musical language and group improvisation, with great and challenging exercises, as well as working on new arrangements and new material.  This culminated in a wonderful intimate house concert where we got to present some of our new material and works in progress.

Now it’s time to hit the Google calendar and get out the trusty booking pen, and start setting up 2015!  We plan to continue developing and exploring our group improvisation, our instrumental hisbodedus, and to get another recording together in the summer.  We’d love to reach new audiences in the chamber music and improvised music scenes, 2015 should be a year busy with performances near and far, and hopefully somewhere near you!  Keep checking back on this page or sign up for our mailing list/Facebook page to stay tuned.

Many thanks for all your support, for your presence, for your encouragement, and for coming so deep into the space with us in our performances.  Wishing you all the best for the year, and looking forward to seeing you all soon,

Yoni, on behalf of

Siach Hasadeh


Klezmershack review, new music for the Days of Awe

In great company!  Thanks Ari Davidow,

“Siach Hasadeh is a Montreal-based duo, clarinet and bass, exploring Jewish niggun. Since they also appeared at Ashkenaz 2014, I can also link this set of reviews to my continuing coverage of the standout artists at that festival. Although the music is sweet, the duo explores the rougher sides of harmony as well. There is a delightful tone poem/art song/modern classical dissonance that weaves in and out of these tunes, from the opening “R’ Levi Yitzchak Berditchever’s Niggun” to “Niggun firn di tsaddikim in gay eyden” or “Rabbeinu’s Niggun” featuring Shtreiml masters Jason Rosenblatt on harmonica and Ismail Fencioğlu on oud. For those who enjoy digging deeper and letter ways of niggun wash over them, this is a rich recording.”


A Hauntingly Contrasting Klezmer Twinbill on the Upper West

New York Music Daily

It might have been a cold night on the upper west side this past March 4, but in the basement of Stephen Wise Free Synagogue, a surprisingly large and energetic crowd gathered to see a hauntingly kinetic doublebill of two very different bands, Ichka and Siach HaSadeh, from the thriving Montreal klezmer scene. Ichka play minor key party music. Siach HaSadeh play hushed, slow, sometimes rapt, sometimes utterly morose soundscapes using ancient ngunim as a stepping-off point for improvisation (although they did romp through one unexpectedly upbeat number in about half an hour onstage).

Ichka clarinetist Julien Biret, violinist Isaac Beaudet and trombonist Eli Richards showed off sizzling chops right from the start,. While Biret’s swirls and dips and Beaudet’s slashing cadenzas and flickering trills were adrenalizing to the extreme, and their sub accordionist, Emily, filled in solidly both as a sidewoman and soloist in place of their usual player Laurence…

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US Tour wrap up, back in Montreal!

Hi dear friends,

Thanks so much to all our US friends who helped organize, advise, and host us over our tour through Connecticut, New York, New Jersey and Vermont, and to all those who came to our shows!  We had a blast, it was amazing to get to spend some time together and play together every night, we really saw major development in our ensemble and improvisation from night to night, and are excited to run with what we developed over the week.  We also got some great press, and met some new people who are interested in what we do.  Very gratifying to play to such attentive audiences who entered the space with us.  Montreal folks, stay tuned for something we’ll get together to play here at home soon, as well as some upcoming recording projects in the works.

Love to all and see you soon!



Also an especial thanks to the Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Quebec for the support which made the trip possible!


Siach HaSadeh Reinvent Exquisitely Otherworldly, Haunting Jewish Themes

New York Music Daily

Siach HaSade h are among the elite vanguard of jazz-inclined improvisers breathing new life into otherworldly old Hasidic melodies from centuries past. The Quebec-based band further distinguish themselves with their many haunting diversions into moody, mystical Middle Eastern sounds. Their latest album Song of the Grasses, a collection of exquisitely sad songs, exquisitely played, is streaming online , and the band has a whirlwind New York tour coming up. On March 4 they’ll be doing a set (plus a jam afterward) at the Stephen Wise Free Synagogue, 30 W. 68th St. at 7:30 PM; cover for the show is $15, more if you want the dance lesson or whatever else is happening beforehand, usually a lot at this place. Siach HaSadeh are also at Branded Saloon in Ft. Greene at 8 on March 5 followed at 9 by the more boisterous Breslov Bar Band . Then on March 6 they’ll…

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