A Hauntingly Contrasting Klezmer Twinbill on the Upper West

New York Music Daily

It might have been a cold night on the upper west side this past March 4, but in the basement of Stephen Wise Free Synagogue, a surprisingly large and energetic crowd gathered to see a hauntingly kinetic doublebill of two very different bands, Ichka and Siach HaSadeh, from the thriving Montreal klezmer scene. Ichka play minor key party music. Siach HaSadeh play hushed, slow, sometimes rapt, sometimes utterly morose soundscapes using ancient ngunim as a stepping-off point for improvisation (although they did romp through one unexpectedly upbeat number in about half an hour onstage).

Ichka clarinetist Julien Biret, violinist Isaac Beaudet and trombonist Eli Richards showed off sizzling chops right from the start,. While Biret’s swirls and dips and Beaudet’s slashing cadenzas and flickering trills were adrenalizing to the extreme, and their sub accordionist, Emily, filled in solidly both as a sidewoman and soloist in place of their usual player Laurence…

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Siach HaSadeh Reinvent Exquisitely Otherworldly, Haunting Jewish Themes

New York Music Daily

Siach HaSade h are among the elite vanguard of jazz-inclined improvisers breathing new life into otherworldly old Hasidic melodies from centuries past. The Quebec-based band further distinguish themselves with their many haunting diversions into moody, mystical Middle Eastern sounds. Their latest album Song of the Grasses, a collection of exquisitely sad songs, exquisitely played, is streaming online , and the band has a whirlwind New York tour coming up. On March 4 they’ll be doing a set (plus a jam afterward) at the Stephen Wise Free Synagogue, 30 W. 68th St. at 7:30 PM; cover for the show is $15, more if you want the dance lesson or whatever else is happening beforehand, usually a lot at this place. Siach HaSadeh are also at Branded Saloon in Ft. Greene at 8 on March 5 followed at 9 by the more boisterous Breslov Bar Band . Then on March 6 they’ll…

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Arty Semite – Best Experimental Jewish Music of 2013

Siach Hasadeh’s 2013 album, Song of the Grasses is featured in the Jewish Daily Forward’s “Best Experimental Jewish Music of 2013” along with the amazing and brilliantly creative groups and artists, Michael Winograd, Dan Blacksberg’s Dveykus, Zion80, and Uri Sharlin.  Thanks to writer Jake Marmer (who’s got some neat stuff of his own!) for the great review, which really gets what we’re trying to do, and what an honour to be in the Forward along side such great and established artists!  Check it out, and check them out!