US Tour wrap up, back in Montreal!

Hi dear friends,

Thanks so much to all our US friends who helped organize, advise, and host us over our tour through Connecticut, New York, New Jersey and Vermont, and to all those who came to our shows!  We had a blast, it was amazing to get to spend some time together and play together every night, we really saw major development in our ensemble and improvisation from night to night, and are excited to run with what we developed over the week.  We also got some great press, and met some new people who are interested in what we do.  Very gratifying to play to such attentive audiences who entered the space with us.  Montreal folks, stay tuned for something we’ll get together to play here at home soon, as well as some upcoming recording projects in the works.

Love to all and see you soon!



Also an especial thanks to the Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Quebec for the support which made the trip possible!